Mayrhofer Maschinenbau

Hydropower Technology

We are a provider of complete mechanical equipment for small hydropower plants. Steel water construction equipment, water turbines (crossflow turbines), hydraulic and control systems, as well as supplementary equipment, are combined to create customer-specific complete systems, allowing for a finely tuned complete solution from a single manufacturer.

We supply weir gates, shut-off and flushing gates, as well as trash rack cleaning solutions in various designs with a special focus on applications in small hydropower plants. Particular emphasis is placed on very robust, reliable designs that form the basis for long-term, successful plant operation.

As part of a multi-year development project in collaboration with the Institute for Hydraulic Turbomachinery at Graz University of Technology, we have developed a cross-flow turbine, which has been successfully implemented.

With additional equipment for small hydropower plants, custom-tailored complete systems can be offered from a single manufacturer, even for specific requirements.