Mayrhofer Maschinenbau
Hydropower Technology

Cross-flow turbines

As part of a multi-year development project in collaboration with the Institute for Hydraulic Turbomachinery at Graz University of Technology, we have developed a cross-flow turbine, which has been successfully implemented.

The cross-flow turbine is characterized by a high level of efficiency and a robust construction, placing special emphasis on achieving an economical design while maintaining a high technical quality standard. This allows for the economic utilization of smaller hydropower potentials, making the turbine an excellent choice, for example, as a low-flow turbine. Efficiency levels of up to 84% have been measured during plant measurements (according to IEC 62006).

Fall height

2 to 40 m

Flow/machine set

up to 2.500 l/s

Power/machine set

3 to 300 kWel


up to 84%