Mayrhofer Maschinenbau

Saw Mill Machinery

We offer nearly the whole machinery-equipment for small- and middle-sized saw mills, excepted main-machinery like sash gangs or band saws. This includes the equipment for log-manipulation, sawn timber manipulation, wood waste manipulation (also wood chippers) and additional equipment like Winkler Sash-gang-drives that complete our range of products.

In addition to sawmill, trimming, and re-saw mechanizations, lumber sorting and packaging systems are part of our product range. All systems are designed and planned according to customer specifications, allowing us to find the best overall solution for each specific application. 

Decades of experience and continuous development ensure a broad spectrum of proven solutions and a secure, reliable operation of the systems.


For round timber or roundwood manipulation, we provide complete roundwood sorting systems, roundwood conveyors, and clamping carriages in cabin-controlled design. Root reducers, metal detectors, milling head debarking, as well as disposal and cutting systems complement the product range accordingly.

The systems are characterized by a very robust, durable, and maintenance-friendly construction, enabling long-term operation of the facilities

We manufacture all conveying systems required for handling residual wood generated in sawmills. This includes various designs of trough chain conveyors, conveyor belts, screw conveyors, and vibrating conveyors. When necessary, metal detectors and screening devices are also integrated. Drum chippers are offered with passage heights up to 250 mm and passage widths up to 700 mm.